Steering King Pin Bearing ECONOMY KIT


Fits: MB, GPW, CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B, M38, M38A1, M170, CJ5

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This is a new good quality set of steering knuckle bearings or king pin bearings. This is the economy set for those watching their budget. These are off shore manufacture and we never know which brand or country these are made in.  These are for the steering knuckle king pins. They are what the complete knuckle assembly pivot on. These are almost always totally worn out or rusted beyond use when found. This is a very important part of your steering and front axle system.  This will fit the MB, GPW, CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B, M38, and M38A1

NOTE: To check these bearings jack the front wheels off the ground. Grab one wheel at the top and bottom and do a pushing pull type rocking motion. If there is any play the bearings need to be replaced. (Make sure your hub nuts are tight on the spindle or you may get a false movement out of them) Part numbers: 52941, 52940

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Weight 1.1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in