Red Oxide Primer 1 Gallon


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This is a very high quality and very correct gallon of 111 Red Oxide Primer.  This is the correct primer color used on all the vintage military vehicles and quite a few current ones as well. If you want your military paint to come out the correct shade you have to use the original color primer.  This is US Made and is the super high quality Gillespie Coatings brand.  This is the correct shade of 111 Red Oxide Primer and not some off brand industrial paint that some guy has had mixed up just to sell on ebay or his web sight.  This is the top of the line and the paint all the serious collectors and the US Military Museum systems use. Just ask any of the serious collectors or military vehicle restorers about the Gillespie Brand.  Sorry Over seas buyers. This can not and will not be shipped overseas by us. This can only go to the 48 lower states. .   Paint Shipping Rules: Gallons are shipped in singles, doubles, and cases of four. They can not be combined with any other items due to HAZMAT shipping rules. They will only be shipped FedEx Ground or Home delivery.

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Weight 10.2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 10 in