M38A1 M170 fuel line to pump hose 8331933 G758

M38A1 M170 ROSS 15/16″ Steering box sector shaft kit 807478 G758
May 31, 2018
M38 fuel line to pump hose 7375038 G740
August 7, 2018
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M38A1 M170 fuel line to pump hose 8331933 G758


Fits: M38A1, M170

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This is a new very high quality and US Made fuel hose for the M38A1.  This is the short rubber hose that jumps over from the metal hose on the frame and into the fitting on the fuel pump.  These are 7 1/4″ long just like the originals. These are always missing and many forget to put them on. You need something flexible to keep the vibration to a minimum.  These have one fixed and and one movable end. The Fixed female one is 1/2″ x 20 pipe and the movable one is 1/2 x 20. This was copied from a NOS original we have as a sample. These are also identical to the ones we sell with the full steel line kits.  These are made with US Goodyear hose and Weatherhead fittings.  Part number 8331933. QTM Parts

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