134F Exhaust Valve Keeper Kit NEW REPLACEMENT STYLE


Fits: All 134F Engines


This is a new solution to an age old problem. This is an exhaust valve keeper and lock kit for the 134F overhead valve Engine. This is just the keeper and lock kit for the Exhaust valves. This kit does away with the roto caps, little spacer caps, old style keepers, locks and very hard to find early valves.  This makes everything simple again. This kit enables you to use the exhaust valves and springs from the 134L flathead motor, which are part number, valve 637183 and spring 638636.   QTM Parts

If you need new springs, The 134L flat head exhaust springs are compatible part number 638636. We offer these in another sale.

If you need new exhaust valves they are part number 637183. These are in another sale as well. 

This kit includes four keepers, and four locks. 

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Weight .3 oz


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