1952-1971 M38A1, M38A1CDN, MD or G758

4 Cylinder 134F overhead intake valve engine; 24 Volt; No Tailgate; One Piece Split Windshield ; Rear Mounted Spare Tire; Driver’s Side Glove Box; Emergency Brake Handle On Floor Between Seats; Tool Box Under Passenger Seat, no Willys scripts, Data plates on dash: large mouth fuel tank, large round indentation on passenger side front quarter Panel (pictured), Battery box for two batteries on cowl (pictured). Dana 25 front axle, Dana 44 rear axle, T90 transmission.

This has several different identifications, MD, G758, M38A1C (gun jeep) M38A1CDN (Ford built M38A1 for the Canadian army), USMC Contract M38A1 (built to USMC specs in the 60’s)

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